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What We Do

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Our Unique Approach

Humanitrain's unique holistic approach is a blend of the four essential pillars of safety; first aid training, traditional security training, health and safety and well-being (stress-management and keeping physically healthy).

01What We Do

Humanitrain is an up to date, a research-based professional organisation led by aid workers, for aid and other overseas workers. It functions as a team of advisors in medicine, public health, security and well-being. Training consultants have a wide range of professional experience in a wide variety of conflicts and difficult circumstances, ranging from natural and man-made disasters, urban and rural conflicts over the past fifteen years.

Humanitrain was started in response to the growing danger facing aid workers throughout the world and a genuine desire to contribute to the safety of people risking everything to assist others in need, whoever they are. Training programs can be undertaken in the field at the point of delivery, at the Head Quarters or anywhere in between.

02Mission And Vision

By cooperating with selected humanitarian aid workers and other experts with a huge conflict and post-conflict experience, Humanitrain’s programs, bespoke and otherwise are specifically designed with one clear and achievable aim; to improve safety and security of clients as they conduct their business.

This is done by obtaining a firm understanding of the types of environments and situations encountered and designing programs with clear aims and objectives.

Training programs can either augment existing programs, supporting security officers already in place, or in the case of smaller organisations, to create a security and safety package. Each training program is tailor-made to fit the needs of the organisation and is definitely not the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

03Adapted Programs

Humanitrain’s programs are relevant and adapted to suit the needs of the clients, be they national staff guards, drivers, field, technical staff or international staff, specialists, medics, administrators, engineers, or managers.

Our programs offer peace of mind, that everything possible has been done to give the best possible training to those in harm’s way in an effort to reduce their risk and if the worst should happen, prepare them to survive and come through it in the best shape possible.

Humanitrain’s contribution helps staff to conduct their mission safely, resulting in better programming for the most vulnerable.

A follow-up and evaluation service is available, making Humanitrain a good-value, no frills, professional organisation.

If you need more info about our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch.